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Server News!

Hey everyone, once again I updated a few plugins. Here's the changelog:

- Updated ProtocolLib.
- Updated WorldEdit.
- Updated EnjinMinecraftPlugin.
- Updated ASyncWorldEdit.
- Made FarmLimiter slightly more strict in hopes to reduce RAM usage / Lag.
- Disabled CreeperHeal in hopes to reduce RAM usage / Lag. Creepers will not explode blocks anymore.
- Disabled OpenInv: Probably not needed for Junkboy.
- Updated Spigot to latest version.

I will also be messaging Nate_6 and seeing if he would like to moderate on the server.

And that's the last from me. I will likely no longer maintain the server other then once in a blue moon (every 3-4 months) if it is still running then. 

At this point I have little to no confidence Adrian (Junkboy350) will come back and work on his server and make it popular for you guys, which is why I've decided not to maintain the server consistently anymore.

We will see, Adrian needs to come back since he needs donations to keep the server running.

Anyways, that's the last you'll see from me for a while,

~ Loyal

Hey everyone! Just spent about ten minutes updating some plugins and fixing a problem with the website, below you can find the changelog:

- Updated to latest Spigot v1.9.2
- Updated to latest EssentialsX
- Updated to latest version of ChestShop
- Updated to latest version of ProtocolLib
- Updated to latest version of ASyncWorldEdit
- Updated to latest version of EnjinMinecraftPlugin

- On the website, fixed a bug where the page header (emeraldcraft banner) wasn't showing up due to it being displayed in Flash. Switched to html5 to display the page header.
- On the website, fixed the "Report a Player" page not having the top menu bar.

Just dropping by, always a pleasure.
Hey guys! sorry about leaving all of a sudden. I'll be on more again as long as other people keep playing :) .
Updated server to MC 1.9.0!
Hey fellas
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