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Server News!
Hello everyone, a few days ago I asked Adrian (junkboy350) if I can help him improve his community, advertising, server, and the website. He accepted, and now I'm here! Looking forward to bring some life back into this awesome server, EmeraldCraft. I joined the community a long time ago, all the way back in March 2012 and this was one of my first ever servers I played on and is one of the best if not the best servers I played on.

Everything I tweak or modify will be posted in a change-log below.
- Updated to latest Spigot
- Issue with ChestShop appears to be fixed
- Updated various plugins; essentials, nocheatplus, vault, etc.
- New website banner complete
- Added enjinminecraftplugin to the server to link the website to the server
- Reviewed the forums and archived threads and deleted some categories
- Created a report a player module
- Created a staff list on the members page
- Updated several page names / top menu bar selections
- Other minor tweaks here and there

spikemegamega can i have a copy of the banner so i can put it on the YouTube channel

1.7 update!

junkboy350 a posted Feb 23, 14
As of the time I post this, Emeraldcraft has been online for 2 years, 6 months, and 24 days. I apologize for how long it's taken for me to update to 1.7, as I have been very busy with work, school, and senior year, but as you can see by how long the server has been online, I don't plan on letting it die out. We've come too far. I thank all of you, every single person who has messaged me during the past few months, visited the website, posted in the shoutbox, and kept checking back after so long.

Anyways, it's finally here. I've updated the server to 1.7 and reset the map. Setup is still in progress, and will probably continue for the next few days. During this time, only staff and a few other players helping with setup will be whitelisted. Please wait just a little longer while we get everything up and running 100%!

Whitelist has been disabled!
The server is still under construction, however. Please bear with me as I work on terraforming around spawn and setting up the shop.

I will be editing this post with a checklist of things to do, to keep everyone updated on where we stand.

[x] - Updated to 1.7.7.
[x] - Updated to 1.7.9.
[x] - Updated to 1.7.10.

[x] - Paste in the spawn (Saiga's citadel), set up protection
[x] - Set up End world protection
[x] - Get spawn boards set up
[x] - Finish terraforming the land around spawn
[x] - Install Showcase
[x] - Paste in shop ship, set up protection and shop signs/showcases (at this point, server is pretty much 100% functional)
[x] - Modernize spawn with new blocks
[x] - Find a decent portal plugin and bring back the Nexus
[] - Update advertisement post on PlanetMinecraft
[IN PROGRESS] - Dye shop
Future improvements:
[x] - Create a server logo to display in client server list
[IN PROGRESS] - Revamp website
[x] - Create new server banner
[] - Find new background
[] - Mess with the theme
[x] - Create news posts more often, and use checklists like this one to keep things organized and players informed of what's going on behind the scenes.
[] - Improve donation benefits/ranks
[] - Possibly install MobArena, Dynmap

Last updated: 07-22-14, 3:45 A.M. (Updated Spigot + plugins, new banner)

EL592 I see the dye shop is not yet checked off.
TheRocker71 Crazy how long the server has been up seems like it was just yesterday when i first joined and now its two years later ...
hey junk if you check this can u come online, AV needs you for something
Rattaco here
junk there is a guy by the name of emeraldkidmc spamming another server on here, hopefully u can get rid of him soon
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